Thursday, 26 October 2017

Keep Calm and Drink Milk!

This term our Inquiry is based around milk and dairy products. Part of our immersion is looking at where milk comes from and how it is turned into different dairy products.

I bet you don't know where milk comes from. It's not the supermarket! We get milk from cows. Farms all over New Zealand have hundreds and thousands of cows which they send to the milking sheds every day. Each cow can produce 25 Litres of milk each day - that's enough for 100 cups of milk! Once the cows have been milked, they get treated to a yummy dessert drink full of nutrients to keep them strong and healthy. 

We made comic strips to help us understand the process cows go through in order to get milked. 



Friday, 20 October 2017

Sports Spectacular

Today Akeake went to Sports Spectacular organised by North Canterbury Sports. We had an awesome day trying lots of new sports. Some of our favourites were dodge ball, soccer, sack races and cricket.