Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Working on our Blending

We have been learning more about colours and blending this week.

Before we started with the colours, we had to make viewfinders and do some investigating. We took our viewfinders into the garden and had a look at the beautiful plants in our school. However, it is the middle of Winter so we had to go with Plan B - using pictures of flowers! Once we had chosen a section on the flower to use, we stuck on our viewfinder and sketched what we saw. We did a great job focusing just on what we could see in the picture.

We had to trace over the lines in vivid to make them stand out, then we used a mix of PVA glue and black paint to create some texture to our art. Then came the fun bit - pastels. We practiced blending colours on scrap paper first. Once we got the hang of it, we started on the real thing.

We think they look amazing!

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