Sunday, 4 February 2018

First Week Back!

Akeake had an exciting first week back at school. We have about 65 children who are brand new to our syndicate, so the Year 4s took on the responsibility of showing the new children how things are done in our team.

We played games to get to know each other, we learnt about new routines and where we can find things, and most exciting of all: we started doing some art in our home classes! By the end of the term, each class will have spent 3 sessions with each teacher in the syndicate creating beautiful artwork to displays on our walls and to help us get to know each other a little more. 

We also spent some time looking at our new Values and Beliefs. The focus for this week was Connect, and we also learnt about Respect (which we know a lot about from previous years at KNS), Create, Reflect and Be Brave. We are excited to start showing these new Values and Beliefs to our friends, parents, siblings and teachers!

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